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Your Gateway To World Food

Each time you pick something from our exotic collection of world food, you add points to your repertoire which can be redeemed at any Nature’s Basket store. Known for its gooey sinful Swiss chocos, Italian Cipriani handmade pastas and fine nutty Spanish iberico ham, Nature’s Basket invites you to be a true world food traveller.

Earning points is easy

Now every time you make a purchase at a Nature’s Basket store in MUMBAI, PUNE OR BANGALORE or on or on Natures Basket Mobile App, you can earn points. The more you purchase, the more points you accumulate. On crossing purchase slabs (defined in the table below), you start earning even higher number of points. We treat your valid mobile number as your loyalty number so that it’s easy to remember. Please quote your mobile number at the time of billing. All point details and statements will be sent as text messages on your mobile periodically.

Tier name Spend Bracket (Rs.) Points per Rs. 100 spent
Foodie 0 – 25000 2
Epicure 25001 – 75000 3
Connoisseur > 75001 5


You can redeem as many points you have in your account. To redeem, just visit any of our stores with your registered mobile for an OTP verification or login to your account on or on Nature’s Basket mobile app and exchange desired points for products or applicable redemption offers in-store in MUMBAI, PUNE OR BANGALORE.

Redeeming Points Is Irresistible

You need a minimum of 400 points, the first time, to start redeeming (400 points = spends worth Rs.20,000). Thereafter, you can redeem as many points you have in your account. To redeem, just visit any of our stores with your registered mobile for an OTP verification or login to your account on or on Nature’s Basket mobile app and exchange desired points for products or applicable redemption offers in-store.


Foodie is the entry level tier in the program. You are enrolled into the program as a Foodie & will remain in this tier till your spends exceed the defined spend bracket for tier upgradation. Similarly, Epicure is Level 2 & Connoisseur is the elitist tier, Level 3, of the program.

Tier Validity is 1 year (for all tiers) from the date of joining or tier up gradation. You will start with zero spends, each year, on tier renewal or upgradation. To remain in the same tier, your spends should equal or exceed the defined spend bracket every year. Failing to meet this criterion will lead into Tier downgradation. Members may be downgraded up to 2 levels in the same year depending on that year’s spends.

Points validity can vary from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 18 months (for all tiers) from the date of earning. Points are expired in 2 cycles each year.
1st cycle ends on 30th June. Here, points earned between 1st Jan to 30th June from last year expire on 30th June this year. 2nd cycle ends on 31st December. Here, points earned between 1st Jul to 31st Dec from last year expire on 31st Dec this year.
E.g.: Points earned between 1st Jan 2015 – 30th June 2015 will expire on 30th June 2016. Expiry reminders will be sent through SMSs at least month in advance of points expiry.

Hence, it’s important that your contact details are updated with us in order to receive transactional & promotional communication.

To manage your rewards program account online, simply click on “My Rewards” under the Rewards Program tab on homepage on or Rewards Program in the Mobile App Menu on the App homepage. You can edit profile information, view current points balance & last 10 purchases history.

To remove yourself from NBRP, just email us on your registered mobile number. Your membership will get de-activated in next 24 hours on receipt of the email request.

Terms & Conditions

  • Open to individuals aged 21 or above.
  • This is a card-less program. Member’s mobile phone number would be his/her unique identification number for the membership.
  • Complete name (first name and last name), mobile number and email id are mandatory for registration in the program.
  • Upon successful registration to the Nature’s Basket Rewards Program (NBRP), members accept that the membership is governed by these terms & conditions and may be amended from time to time.
  • There is no membership fee for registration to NBRP.
  • If the information shared by the customer is found to be inappropriate or invalid, Natures Basket Limited (NBL) reserves the right to terminate the membership without any prior intimation.
  • A minimum of 400 points needs to be accumulated to start redeeming. Members will also be sent intimation through a text message as soon as they become eligible for redemption.
  • Current point redemption value being offered is Re. 0.25.
  • Members can earn or redeem their points at any Godrej Nature’s Basket outlets across India and also on
  • Members can view current, purchase history & edit their profile information under the “My Rewards” tab in the Rewards Program section on Access to member account online, will be validated through a simple OTP verification on mobile.
  • The validity of points accumulated in any calendar year shall be one year from the date of earning the points (e.g. Points earned in Jan-Jun 2015 expire on 30thJune 2016 and points earned in Jul-Dec 2015 expire by 31st Dec 2016). The points accumulated in one cycle cannot be carried forward to the next cycle.
  • Eligible members will be upgraded as per their spends in a 12 month period as defined for each tier in the “About the Rewards Program” ection2015 solely at the discretion of the management.
  • Periodic updates on the number of ‘points accumulated’ and ‘points nearing expiry’ shall be sent to members on their mobile numbers through text messages.
  • By becoming a member of the Rewards Program, members are, by default, subscribing to receive promotional communication on events & offers at Nature’s Basket. In order to unsubscribe, members will have to intimate any of the Nature’s Basket stores and place a request.
  • Effective 1st of November, 2015, all tiers will have a validity of 1 year from the date of joining or up gradation. Failing to meet spends criterion to remain in a particular tier, member will be downgraded to the next lower tier.
  • Existing customers will retain their current tier (as on 1st November, 2015) till 31st October, 2016 post which their tier retention will be evaluated as per the revised spends slabs, effective 1st November, 2015.
  • The membership points, benefits & privileges are non-transferable & may only be used by the member.
  • The member shall present his NBRP membership acceptance message for all transactions & activities including but not limited to points accumulation, redemptions & discounts.
  • NBL will not be held responsible for any transactions made on a lost or stolen membership
  • All points accumulated will be credited to the member’s NBRP a/c at the time of billing unless the system is down, in which case updating will be done when the system is available in working condition.
  • NBL shall not be liable for points which were accumulated inaccurately as a result of technical malfunction, operator fault, member misconduct or any reason beyond the control of NBL.
  • The use of the privileges and associated benefits are deemed to be an acceptance of NBRP terms and conditions.
  • NBL management reserves the right to cancel the membership or to cancel or amend any provision offered as part of the NBRP anytime without prior notice.
  • NBL reserves the right to amend benefits and privileges, terms and conditions of this agreement and NBRP benefits from time to time without prior notice. The decision of NBL management shall be final and conclusive in the event of any dispute.
  • Member can redeem the points either by shopping at the store or by means of gift vouchers. Points cannot be earned against redemption of Gift Vouchers.
  • Points accumulated in member’s NBRP account will be rounded off to the available voucher denominations (subject to eligibility). The balance points will be left and will be carried forward in his/ her NBRP account subject to its validity.
  • Members can check for their points balance at the store cash counter.
  • Membership constitutes permission for NBL to use the customer’s name and comments for promotional purposes in any media without any compensation whatsoever.
  • NBL does not make any representation or warranty as to quality or suitability of the gifts/rewards in any manner.
  • NBL shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may be suffered or any personal injury that may be caused as a result of participation in the program or using the points/gift/rewards.
  • The points/gifts cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash. No cash claim can be made in lieu of points/gifts.
  • Purchases in the name of firms or any third parties will not be entitled for membership.
  • Points of different members cannot be clubbed.
  • NBL store employees and their immediate relatives are not eligible to participate in the NBRP loyalty program.
  • NBRP assures complete privacy of your personal data and your mobile number. It will not be shared with anyone without permission.
  • Terms & Conditions of 100 bonus points on 2nd Transaction:
  • Members will be entitled to 100 bonus points on their 2nd visit transaction at any of the Godrej Nature’s Basket stores or on or on Nature’s Basket Mobile App.
  • A text message communicating the offer will be sent to members after 7 days from the date of registration. Offer valid only for 15 days.
  • All members are entitled for 100 bonus points on 2nd visit transaction (not on the same day of registration). Offer valid till 21 days from the date of registration.
  • Terms & Conditions of 200 bonus points offer on profile updation:
  • Members will be also entitled to up to 100 bonus points (one time) immediately, on updating their profile. This includes 50 bonus points for providing a valid email address & an additional 50 bonus points for filling in the remaining fields of full name & complete postal address with pin code. On successful registration, members will receive two e-voucher codes of 50 points each which needs to be redeemed at any of the Nature’s Basket stores in order to receive the credit of points.
  • Members who have shared their date of birth will also be awarded bonus points on shopping for during their birthday week, which will be credited into their account directly. These bonus points can be claimed within 8 days before their birthday, including their birthdate. Bonus points vary from tier to tier. Please view the “Benefits of Rewards Program” section for more details.
  • If the information shared by the customer is found to be invalid, Natures Basket Limited (NBL) reserves the right to revoke any such points (credited under the ongoing 200 bonus points offer) without any prior notification.
  • Bonus points under this offer will be active for 1 year, until the customer redeems the e-vouchers, after which they will lapse.
  • Terms & Conditions of Tier Upgrade offers:
  • Members will also be entitled to 200 bonus points and discount vouchers on tier up-gradation which may be subject to revision from time to time. These 200 bonus points will be credited to their account directly.
  • Apart from 200 bonus points, members are also be eligible for 2 discount vouchers on tier up-gradation which are subject to revision without notice. The vouchers include a one-time 50% off (a maximum discount of Rs.1000) on our cheese and/or meat platters and a FREE product/s worth Rs. 150/300 (based on the tier) on our Healthy Alternatives & L’Exclusif range. The same needs to be availed with 30 days of intimation.
  • Terms & Conditions of visits based Bonus Points offer
  • Visits are counted as transactions on different days of the month. Multiple transactions on the same day will be counted as 1 visit.


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